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Lost Keys || Gaston & Ariel



Well shit. Who knew that muscles would actually not work to his advantage at this point? His arm was too thick to grab the keys. He smiled at Ariel’s words. She must have been blind. Even people who didn’t know them knew that Belle hated being in a relationship with him. Or she was trying to spare his feelings. That was almost cute. “I can’t really afford it either, to me that says the most. I work my ass off to show that I care.” He frowned slightly. Not that ever mattered. “But it’s whatever. It’s over and done, she was right. We weren’t meant to be.” 

He ignored her comment about them seeming happy together, or that she knew he cared. Gaston was tired of feeling weak, and the talk about feelings and stuff made him feel that way. Belle had enjoyed harping on them. That and his one weakness. He frowned, his arm was just too muscular. “Ariel, can you help me out? You’re pretty skinny, maybe you can grab my keys.” 

Ariel had to admire the fact that Gaston worked so hard to please Belle. As his attitude turned a bit sour, Ariel watched as he struggled for the keys. “I guess he really did love her. It must have taken a really long time to save up for her ring.” She shook her head for a moment as he brushed off the situation. “How can he let it go so easily? If I were him I’d be miserable.” 

She hopped off the stool in the kitchen and walked around the counter over to him. “I’ll try, where are they?” As he pointed to them, sitting wedged away, she let out a slight laugh as she carefully crouched down to reach for them. “Maybe you should take a break from the gym for a while, hm?” Ariel easily slipped her arm through and picked up his keys, tossing them to him and standing back up.

Gaston raised an eyebrow, grabbing them deftly out of the air. “I’m a gym teacher.” He reminded her with a smirk. “And I’m the track and field coach.” He pocketed the keys, flexing his arms as a reminder. He pushed back his hair, realizing he didn’t know what to do now. “Hey I’m going to grab something to eat, you want to come?” He offered without thinking. 

He wondered suddenly what was wrong with him. Gaston didn’t ask people to come with him, they usually wanted to or he’d go alone and make friends while he was out. That’s how he did things. Not this weird feeling lonely shit. 


I would like a Wolverine of my very own please. Immediately. 


I would like a Wolverine of my very own please. Immediately. 

You're sexy and you know it!

I mean look at that body. UNF.

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Apologies || @Gaston


Meghan made a beeline for her dressing room the moment her routine was over. She wrapped a robe around herself, grabbed her cigarettes from her jacket pocket and sauntered out the back door. One of the girls stupidly tried to ask her if she was okay, obviously taking the somber look on her face as an invitation for conversation. Meg simply waved her away and closed the door behind her. It was cold for a summer evening, but she supposed the fact that she was half dressed had something to do with that. She was far too preoccupied to worry about taking time to get dressed though. She needed a smoke and she needed one now.

Hector was off on some kind of “business.” That was all she managed to get out of his moronic lackeys and at this point she didn’t care to press them further. He had disappeared into thin air for weeks and any normal girlfriend probably would have started to worry…but Meg was just pissed off. She leaned her head against the brick wall and closed her eyes as she puffed away at her cigarette.

God, what the hell had he been doing last night? First his keys and now his wallet. He groaned in frustration. Why didn’t he have Meg’s number? Goddamnit. He found himself at Afterlife not really wanting to go inside as he had no money, what was the fun of a titty bar when you didn’t have anything to give them?

And if he was entirely honest, despite having that chat with Belle, he still wasn’t quite back to his old self. He shook that thought off, smirking as he caught a glance of a familiar figure in the alley smoking. Personally he didn’t approve. Smoking diminished lung capacity, which in turn made it harder to work out. Not acceptable. “Long time no see.”